JH Sir Rank Booster Course of Chemistry for JEE Advance

jh sir rank booster course

JH Sir is a Chemistry Wizard for JEE. This course by JH Sir focused on strengthening the concepts of the students to lay a strong base by way of this course. Master the concepts of JEE physical and inorganic chemistry topics. Designed and Developed by the experienced faculty of KOTA. This course by JH Sir … Read more


Problem Solving Techniques Complete Past Years JEE Main & Advanced (Physical & Inorganic Chemistry) Exam Papers by JH Sir : JH Sir, an expert on Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, also known as JARA HATKE (J.H. SIR). JH Sir is known for his innovative teaching methodology & he has set new trends in the way by … Read more

Download Etoos Final Revision Course [JEE]

Etoosindia provides interactive video lecture explaining concept in a simple teaching manner, with the use of innovative techniques . This leads to high retention and students are able to understand the concept better. Each course is divided into a series of lectures and exam questions that highlight all the topics for that particular course. Etoos … Read more

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